Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Letters and Parcels in your mailbox

I have to say this, 

receiving a mail or parcel with your name on it delivered to your mailbox  is cool

I still remember the day i received my first letter directed to me when i was in primary school. Maybe i think that i looked mature receiving official letters delivered to my house. I still could not avoid getting this proud feeling even though i'm an adult now...

This week marks the transition to next posting. So this is a freedom week, with no strings attached. Great week.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mousehunt: Subliminal message in King's Reward

As a brief introduction,
Mousehunt is a popular-game on facebook.
(though not as popular as Farmville)
 i don't play farmville!!

Players or so-called "the hunters" are required to 'sound the horn' every 15minutes to catch variety of mouses in the kingdom.
The aim is to catch 'em all.
Just like Pokemon.


It's more appropriate to make some minor tweak here...

Other than that, to prevent the hunters who depends on bots, scripts or any form of automated clicking from every 15 minutes, a "king's reward" will appear every 3 hours to prevent sounding of horns unless you insert a random code to redeem the reward.
This is a fail-proof mechanism is to prevent the actual players to get a life in real world.
I felt obliged to write about this because something funny came out during the king's reward.
Though usually the code is randomly generated and rarely meaningful; i unexpectedly found something deep and profound from something deemed random.

It's all up to your imagination (as a man of science)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nuff said. Worship me.

{Click on picture to enlarge}

Out of the blue, i went to my college 'fan page' on facebook to put this comment.

It's for myself, and nobody asked me to do it.

I got this reply in my inbox the next day as a result of this.

Worship me.

Sony Vaio CS23G owner review

It is a disappointing experience.
I would rate is as 4/10.

SONY VAIO CS23G might look sleek and cool, but it'll give you nothing but headache.
Just within first 4 month of purchase, the pixels on the bottom of the screen got burnt off.

Luckily it's still within the warranty cover, or else i'll be required to pay about RM1000+ for the screen replacement according to the Sony Service Center.

I got my laptop back within 2 weeks period. It angers me when i noticed that right after the repair, another problem arises.

The laptop fan intermittently produces loud vibrating sound. It is very annoying.
It interferes with the in-built microphone during webcam sessions; producing loud buzzing sound at the other end of the receiver.
I went to google the internet about this matter and found out many other users are experiencing the same problem. I bet the service centre took my well-functioning fan during the repair and replaced it with the spoilt fan.

Now, another big problem arises.
I finally could not control my disappointment with this company and i need to advise people not to buy the laptops from SONY. It's just not worth the trouble.

When i switch on the laptop, doing my project...the laptop shut down suddenly.
I could not switch it on thereafter.

I have to send it back for repair again tomorrow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup 2010

I hope Argentina can win.

Because their female supporters are HOT!
But i still doubt that they can win easily against their rivals...

Of course, Brazil
They [Brazilian girls] are not to be taken lightly in this tournament.
Another favourites in World Cup 2010 is Spain.

Spains are not my favourite though...


"M" for motivation

Dear, myself.
Please get motivated.

It's time to get things done; perfectly.
No more half-assed attitude.

Get ready to rumble.
I can do it!